A Fresh Start

March 8, 2016

Once in a while one feels the urge to redesign their website. This is what happened here recently. I dismissed Ghost based on Nodejs and stuff with a simple static deployment of my writings and such.

Welcome Hakyll

Hakyll is Jakyll in Haskell, or something like that. You write articles in Markdown and they get rendered to full blown websites. Pretty neat stuff, way easier than using some blogging engine with a database which I have to update both to rest assured that my website won’t be defaced.

I wanted to minimize the design for a long time now and get rid of the parallax mega background picture thingy that eats your mobile traffic (sorry for that!) and replace it with something simpler. Also some bugs I didn’t want to fix were waiting for me for way too long. So I just removed the elements containing the bugs (i.e. the pagination).

There is some work to be done anyway, for example the code formatting and syntax highlightning is broken. The code for this website is just hacked together at the moment, containing snippets of the old CSS here and there. I’ll upload this whole thing to GitHub if I’m done with that. I’ll also include MathJax in the future, so I can show you some neat formulas ;)

Another important change is that originally this website was German, and only articles that might relate to non-Germans out there have been written in English. From now on everything is going to be in English.

New Things

I just finished writing my bachelor’s thesis two weeks ago (that’s why I didn’t really do much, neither here nor on GitHub) so I had time and the urge to do something not related to Machine Learning. I picked up a lot of stuff I want to dive into when time comes, which is now. I stated learning Haskell and started hearing an introducery course on cryptography on coursera. I want to get my open source projects going again, like idrop.link, which works, but can’t really be used by someone other than us maintainers.

Guess how long I've actually written on my thesis

If you’re interested in it you can have a look at my bsc thesis here. I’m not really fond of the end product as I were far too lazy when writing it (how the f* do you motivate for a 10 year phd thesis?). I’ll have to defend it on Monday the 15th of March. Then I’ll fill out some forms and finally have my bachelor’s degree, proceeding to grad school in Octrobre—if all goes as planned that is!

I’m seeing forward to writing about the stuff I learned while writing my thesis and what I’ll be learning in the future. So expect a lot more content on Machine Learning, Haskell and infosec in the future—well, actually, more content in general.

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